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11 Essential Steps to Writing SEO Friendly Blogs (And Reader Friendly Too!)

When you write an SEO friendly blog you increase the chances of appearing in Search Engine Results pages (SERPs). This makes it more likely that the blog will be read which in turn increases the likelihood other pages in your website will also be read. If readers find the blog interesting they may share it […]

83 Really Interesting Irish Social Media Statistics

Irish social media statistics

What is the most popular social media platform in Ireland? How much is spent on social media advertising in Ireland each year?  How much time is spent on social media on average per day? What is Facebooks potential ad audience compared to Instagrams? Just how important is social media for brand and product research? You […]

9 reasons why you need a website redesign

9 reasons to consider a website redesign

  In this blog we present the nine main reasons why you may need a website redesign. But first consider what it is you like about some of your favourite websites? This isn’t a question most people tend to ask themselves too often. A great website experience is something we feel at an instinctive level. We […]