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Content Marketing Strategy

You want to reach your target audience online, right?

The best way to achieve this is by implementing a digital content marketing strategy that provides your audience with relevant and helpful content when they come looking.

More consumers are self-servicing their way through the buyer journey these days than ever before. The challenge (and the opportunity) is to find a way to connect meaningfully with these consumers online.

To implement a digital content strategy you first need to understand your target customers needs and the type of information they are looking for.

The next step is to create and regularly publish the kind of content that answers to those needs and provides the information they want in an engaging and useful way.

A well planned digital content strategy is the route to creating interest in your products or services and building a relationship with your target audience.

Our Approach To Content Marketing Strategy and Creation

Every business is different so it should come as no surprise that each one requires a tailor-made content marketing plan. Before we recommend a content strategy we meet with you to help you identify and solidify your content marketing aims. This could include goals like generating leads, driving more sales or reducing churn levels.

We do the research to understand your business and your target audience profile. We audit your existing content which helps us identify content gaps that informs the future content strategy.

A content audit also helps us understand what content has performed well in the past and what has underperformed. Sometimes we even find the basis of really good content which just hasn’t been properly optimised for search engines or hasn’t been published or promoted on the right channels. 

Now we are ready to create your tailor-made content marketing plan. Your plan will detail the type of content- i.e. what purpose it serves, the content format, agreed dates for delivery and publication and SMART goals (how we measure the success of each individual piece of content).

Once the content plan has been approved by you – its on to the creative part; delivering high quality content that your audience will love!  

Talk to us today if you want to know more about our first-rate content marketing services.

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Marketing is a contest for peoples attention.

Either you’re going to tell stories that spread or you will become irrelevant

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