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Social Media Marketing

Social media usage continues to grow with every passing year. Consumers are also increasingly using social networks to find out about products and services. You simply cannot afford not to have a social media marketing strategy in place.

When done well social media offers a great opportunity for companies and brands to connect with and build a relationship with their customers.

The downside is that social media marketing requires quite a lot of time and creative expertise to be done succesfully. Plus it can be a minefield deciding which are the best social media channels to target and creating the content that truly connects.

The beauty of social media marketing is that unlike search engines it allows you to target people and specific demographics.

We help companies with both their organic social media strategy and their paid social media strategy. We identify the channels, plan the strategy and create the content that will help boost your social media visibility and interactions.

Social Media in Ireland - Key Stats

0 %
Facebook advertising reach rate of population aged 13 +
0 hours
Average amount of time spent on Social media each day
0 %
Internet users who use social networks to find out about products and brands
0 million
Total number of Instagram users in Ireland

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